Haryana Govt Calendar 2020 Pdf Download – National Holidays

Haryana Govt Calendar 2020Haryana Sarkar Calendar 2020 has been issued by the state government. Now, it is available in Pdf format. So, those people want to download Haryana Calendar 2020. They can download by given link below or check out the list of national holidays in India. All the important news regarding holidays, make sure to visit here regularly.


Haryana Govt Calendar contains all the regional and national public holidays from 1st January to 31st December 2020. So, we have prepared a list of national holiday’s list below. You can check that list. It will help you to know all the national holidays. If there might be any changes the latest calendar then we’ll try to update. So, keep coming here to get all the latest update.

Haryana Govt Calendar 2020 Pdf Download – National Holidays

Haryana Govt Calendar
Haryana Govt Calendar

Here is the list of National Holidays given below –

त्योहार  (Festival) तिथि  ( Date) दिन (Day)
सोहराय 13-Jan 2020 सोमवार (Monday)
मकर संक्रांति 15-Jan 2020 बुधवार (Wednesday)
वसंत पंचमी 30-Jan 2020 वीरवार (Thursday)
संत रविदास जयंती 09-Feb 2020 रविवार (Sunday)
महाशिवरात्री 21-Feb 2020 शुक्रवार (Friday)
होलिका दहन 09-Mar 2020 सोमवार (Monday)
होली 10-Mar 2020 मंगलवार (Tuesday)
सरहुल 27-Mar 2020 शुक्रवार (Friday)
रामनवमी 02-Apr 2020 वीरवार (Thursday)
महावीर जयंती 06-Apr 2020 सोमवार (Monday)
गुड फ्राइडे 10-Apr 2020 शुक्रवार (Friday)
अंबेडकर जयंती 14-Apr 2020 मंगलवार (Tuesday)
मजदूर दिवस 01-May 2020 शुक्रवार (Friday)
बुध पुर्णिमा 07-May 2020 वीरवार (Thursday)
ईद-उल-फ़ितर 25-May 2020 सोमवार (Monday)
गणेश चतुर्थी 08-Jun 2020 सोमवार (Monday)
रथयात्रा 23-Jun 2020 मंगलवार (Tuesday)
हूल दिवस 30-Jun 2020 मंगलवार (Tuesday)
बकरीद 01-Aug 2020 शनिवार (Saturday)
रक्षा बंधन 03-Aug 2020 सोमवार (Monday)
जन्माष्टमी 12-Aug 2020 बुधवार (Wednesday)
स्वांत्रता दिवस 15-Aug 2020 शनिवार (Saturday)
करमा पूजा 29-Aug 2020 शनिवार (Saturday)
विश्वकर्मा पूजा 17-Sep 2020 वीरवार (Thursday)
गांधी जयंती 02-Oct 2020 शुक्रवार (Friday)
शारदीय नव्रत्रा 17-Oct 2020 शनिवार (Saturday)
दशहरा महासप्तमी 23-Oct 2020 शुक्रवार (Friday)
दशहरा महाष्टमी / महानवमी 24-Oct 2020 शनिवार (Saturday)
मिलाद-उन-नबी 30-Oct 2020 शुक्रवार (Friday)
दीपावली 14-Nov 2020 शनिवार (Saturday)
भैया दूज / चित्रगुप्त पूजा 16-Nov 2020 सोमवार (Monday)
छठ (सांय आधर्य ) 20-Nov 2020 शुक्रवार (Friday)
छठ (प्रात: आधर्य ) 21-Nov 2020 शनिवार (Saturday)
गुरुनानक जयंती 30-Nov 2020 सोमवार (Monday)
क्रिसमस 25-Dec 2020 शुक्रवार (Friday)

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